“Life is a combination of pasta and magic”
– Frederico Fellini –


Paps Italian menu

Paps Italian was in need of a new single-use covid-19 safe menu design. I imagined going further than designing a standard looking menu but build a concept. While I’m doing my research, I came across Fellini’s magnificent quote and decided to use his words as a theme.

In addition, I wanted to add a sense of freedom, especially to the cover illustration due to restrictions we faced throughout 2020. The things we crave like being able to go out, to socialize, having fun, lightness of being able to live our lives freely…

On the second illustration, I enjoyed combining a fashionable style with some delicious food.

For the third one, I aimed to picture a woman’s mind, trying to balance the joy and the burden of having a delicious bowl of pasta.

I hope our biggest concerns will be counting those calories soon again!



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